We’ve stood alongside our customers in the face of many events for years, and we want to assure you we’re here to support you, now and into the future.​ Find out more.

Classic Car

We’ve fine tuned our insurance to suit the Classic Car lifestyle and unique needs with the surety of true Agreed Value.

Motorcycles and Scooters

Scooters to cruisers, polished chrome, fully faired or naked, we love ‘em. Get a quote or buy online.

Modern Classic Car

Modified or factory-mint, these vehicles deserve a modern cover that provides classic benefits.

Classic Motorcycles

If you’ve got one of these beauties then you appreciate the value of quality. Ensure your investment is in safe hands.

who we are?

A familiar and trusted name in the New Zealand Motor circles, we specialise purely in providing insurance for quality classic motor vehicle and motorcycle.

Just like you, we live and breathe cars and bikes – you should see the car park some days! Call us and you’ll be talking to people who know the difference between vintage and veteran, classics and contemporary.

We believe in personalised service - whether cruising beside, travelling a safe distance behind or riding amongst our customers.

With Swann Insurance, you’re talking directly with the people who make the decisions. We understand the spirit, the appeal and the value of your vehicle – and not just in monetary terms.

Make a wise choice in your insurer that will see you cruising, touring, day-tripping, show & shining or in any case, motoring well into the future.

Safe travelling from all us here at Swann.

Payment options

Very strong financial strength rating

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    We’ve got an AA- financial strength rating, which is your reassurance we’ve got a “very strong” claims paying ability and will be there for you should you need us.

Committed to treating you fairly

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    We adhere to the Fair Insurance Code, giving you peace of mind that we’re focussed on what’s best for our customers.