Important Information


Effective 1 November 2013 DriveRight is no longer accepting new Mechanical Breakdown (Warranty), GAP (Guaranteed Asset Protection) or PPI (Payment Protection Insurance) business. Policies in place prior to this date will continue until their documented conclusion. For any queries please call 0800 374 448 (8:30am - 5:00pm weekdays).


DriveRight Roadside Assistance


24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The Roadside Assistance benefit provides you with a maximum of three callouts per year to a maximum value of $100 +GST per callout.

Roadside Assistance includes:


Mechanical or electrical breakdown
A flat tyre
Out of fuel
Flat battery
Lost and locked-in keys

If you need help or advice at any time ring 0800 374 448 and select option 4. Qualified operators will help you whether the situation is small event or an emergency situation.

Make a claim


To make a claim you must complete a claim form and provide us with all the information we require. You must send your claim form to us together with any documents or letters you have received from other people in connection with the claim. We may also require other documentation or Statutory Declarations from you depending on the circumstances of your claim. We will ask for this documentation if required.

We would prefer to recieve your claim form as soon as possible. Any undue delays in submitting your claim may impact your entitlement.

A claim form may be obtained by contacting DriveRight Limited on 0800 374 448 or downloading the claim form under Helpful documents to the right.


To Make an Extended Warranty claim


In all instances, phone us before authorising the commencement of any repairs to your vehicle - Get our permission first.

It is a condition of this policy that the vehicle is regularly and punctually serviced (See the Extended Warranty Insurance Policy for details).

Before you call us ensure you have on hand your vehicle details & service records.

If the vehicle can be driven safely without causing further damage take it to the nearest repairer otherwise have it towed to them. Don't forget First Assistance will be able to assist in arranging for your vehicle to be towed there.

Contact DriveRight Limited Claim Department on 0800 374 448 8:30am - 5:00pm weekdays.

For more details on what is required to make an Extended Warranty Claim:

Extended Warranty Insurance policy document


Facsimile 09 307 5924
Level 5, 1 Fanshawe Street, Auckland
PO Box 68 - 200 Newton,
New Zealand.